A little bit about the farmer. Or should we say, farmher?

Mountain Song Farms is the culmination of a dream. Lynsey started working the soil and nibbling those first snap peas when she was a little girl growing up in the Lake Tahoe basin. She’s been passionate about the outdoors and growing food ever since. Lynsey’s path took her from the mountains of Tahoe, to the mountains of Colorado, to the rainy Northwest, and back to the mountains, when she moved to Utah. In Salt Lake City, Lynsey pursued her Master’s Degree in Public Health. And while public health will forever be a cornerstone in her life, she felt back at home and back to her roots when she started gardening again. 

Lynsey created an urban farm oasis at her home in Salt Lake City, from which she began to sell produce to her community of friends, family, and neighbors. The dream began to develop, grow, and take shape. The passion for growing consumed her, and she eventually dedicated herself full-time to the pursuit of this dream. With the arrival of her daughters, Hazel and Ingrid, the dream only felt more significant. She wanted to create something for her daughters, for their childhood, for their health, for their future. She wanted them to be proud of the life their mother lived, for them to be involved in the community, and to feel a connection with the food we eat.

When the family moved to Park City, to pursue their dreams of a career, a life in the mountains, and the prospect of a real-deal farm, it seemed like it was finally happening. The process is slow, the time is hard to come by, but the passion and the love is there.